1ø POWER ANALYZER 1 (RS-232 /485)


Dimensions: 290mmW x 55mmH x 180mmD

Panel Cut-Out: 284mmW x 48mmH

Enclosure: Black- Painted Mild Steel Box

Aux. Supply:200-250VAC @ 8VA

Displays: 31/2 DIGITS, 0.5 LEDs (3 SETS)

Accuracy Class: 0.5 (for V.A.W), Class:0.1 for PF (due to computation limits of Micro Control this error becomes less than Class:0.5 on the PC Screen)

Frequency Response: 10HZ- 1kHz (all displays)

PF Range:0.1 (LAG)- 1.0- 0.1 (lead)

Connections: 1. Aux. supply by barrier terminals on the rear
                      2. Load supply/ load terminal of 4mm 0-15A rating on the front dial (rear connections only against specific request)

Technical Specification :